Travel Reimbursement Rules

Before Travel:

Travel confirmations for airfare/transportation, hotel, etc. must have prior approval.  Please contact Caroline McMahon at prior to making your travel arrangements.   Keep in mind that all travel must be economy class. All flights must be booked in economy class through Advantage Travel at 1-888-444-4240.  Our representative at Advantage is Patty Lenox-Cordi

If you book your own airline ticket, our reimbursement will be limited to the prevailing NY State Contract Airline Ticket Prices which we would have paid if the air travel had been arranged through the college.

While You Travel: All receipts from trip must be saved!

  • Airfare and other forms of transportation original boarding passes or tickets must be submitted for reimbursement of airfare/train/etc.
  • Hotel/Lodging receipt upon checkout – this receipt will show proof of payment and stay, and should indicate a $0 balance due and method of payment.
  • Meals – Two options: (1) Itemized receipts for personal meals must be saved (alcohol is not a reimbursable expense under any circumstance), or (2) Current federal or foreign per diem rates may be used. Click here for the   Federal Domestic Per Diem Rates.
  • Local Travel – save taxi/metrocard/subway/bus/etc. receipts indicating proof of payment; for each trip, attach to 8 x 11 ½ paper and describe origin, destination, and reason for travel.
  • Automobile Usage – 55¢ per mile is the current reimbursable rate for use of a personal vehicle. Use of a Rental Car must be reasonable and justifiable to be reimbursed. Receipt showing proof of rental and proof of payment must be submitted.
  • Other – Other miscellaneous expenses including registration fees for conferences, business meals with other attendees, etc can be listed here, and should be accompanied by proof of payment.

After Travel:

Attach all original receipts/tickets/boarding passes/agenda/etc. (Please tape all original receipts to 8 x 11 ½ paper to ease processing.) If the College booked airfare and/or hotel, forward original boarding passes and/or hotel check out receipt with agenda/itinerary to Lisa Rodriguez . A memo outlining all expenses will help expedite processing. For each expense, make sure to show proof of travel/purchase AND proof of payment. Submit all original receipts/agenda/etc with memo to Lisa at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 445 W 59th Street, Room 3525N, New York, NY  10019